Woodentop Table Soccer Shop


The Woodentop Table Soccer Shop was based in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England and it was owned by Tom Taylor.

The shop was relocated to Knighton, Powys in Wales and this Welsh shop had the name Peldroed Bwrdd (Borth)

which translates to 'Board Football'.

Peldroed Bwrdd was the hub of the Table Football community in the late 1990's when Hasbro's production of Subbuteo teams

and accessories had all but ceased.

This marvelously traditional shop supplied professional base sets, hand painted Zeugo teams, the Lunula team range,

playing boards, pitches, goals, figures, balls and much more.


NB: I have sourced the above information from Peter Upton's Subbuteo Tribute Website and the Zeugo Catalogue website.

My thanks and credit to:  www.peter-upton.co.uk  and  zeugocatalogue.com

Woodentop Table Soccer Shop.

P.T.F Footballs.


Here is a quantity 22mm P.T.F footballs that are ex-shop stock from the Woodentop Table Soccer Shop.

They come unglued and have a small footballer logo plus the P.T.F lettering.

The gold and silver colours have been added for contrast.


Woodentop Table Soccer Shop.

Moulded Metal Goalkeepers.


Here are two wonderful moulded metal goalkeepers that were from the original Woodentop Table Soccer Shop stock.

I think they are either lead or lead alloy and they represent the type of accessories that were produced while Subbuteo was in it's hiatus.

A glorious piece of table football (soccer) history.

The goalkeeper on the left in the pictures below is shown in it's original moulded form and the goalkeeper on the right has been tidied up a little

before being added to the rod.

Holland  - LS 030600.

Lunula 'Woodentop' Team.


Motherwell  -  LS 050730.

Lunula 'Woodentop' Team.

Boavista  -  Z011206.

Zeugo 'Woodentop' Team.


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