TTFC HW Style Series (Peg).


A TTFC series of mixed HW style team kits that utilises the traditional HW 'pegged' type of figure.


Crystal Palace.


In the early 1960's this Crystal Palace kit became known as the 'lucky away kit' due to an improvement in results when the kit was worn.

It was adopted as their home kit between 1963-64.

The shirt colour has been referred to in different places as yellow, orange, tangerine, amber and even gold.


Vatican City.


The Subbuteo version of the Vatican City was issued as a Parodi created, limited edition, Subbuteoworld Club Special. 

Our version of this lovely diagonally halved kit is complimented by a stunning all gold custom base set from Littlplasticmen.


Vasco Da Gama (Brazil).

(Subbuteo Ref No 739).


Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama, also known as Vasco da Gama is a Brazilian sports club based in Rio de Janeiro.

Here the figures are Hybrid HW's and the absolutely superb custom base set is from Littleplasticmen.


KIF (Finland).

(Subbuteo Ref No 240).


Their actual name is Kronohagens Idrottsförening and their nickname is the Black Enchanters.

Here the figures are Hybrid HW's and the lovely base set is from Littleplasticmen.



(Subbuteo Ref No 50).


Shown here is the much loved Brazil team kit. It is probably one of the most popular Subbuteo teams ever.

The figures are Hybrid HW's and the custom base set from Littleplasticmen features the most amazing graduated

coloured bases, which turn softly from yellow to green.

Quite beautiful.



(Subbuteo Ref No 49).


Southport currently play in the National League North and thier nickname is The Sandgrounders.

Here the figures are Hybrid HW's and the superb black and gold custom base set is from Littleplasticmen.



(Subbuteo Ref No 94).


Unione Calcio Sampdoria is an Italian football club based in Genoa.

The club was formed in 1946 and their nickname is:

I Blucerchiati (The Blue-circled)

This team is painted onto hybrid HW figures and set into a custom made base set from Littleplasticmen.

The stunning base set is blue with a mid-blue sparkle ring and a 'floating' disc.


Paris Saint Germain.

(Delacoste Ref No 656.672).


This PSG team is inspired by the Delacoste reference 656.672.

The team is painted onto a set of original Subbuteo moulded 'walker' figures that were new and in 'from the factory' condition.

They are set into Subbuteo bases.


Further teams will be added to this Series soon.