Crafted by TTFC


Homemade items by TTFC that have contributed to the enjoyment of this wonderful hobby.



Subbuteo Original Heavyweight (OHW) - Shop Display.


The figures contained in this home-made Shop Display are either Subbuteo originals (untouched), Subbuteo originals (badly worn and then refurbished) or Subbuteo original OHW figures (wrecked) that were stripped and repainted by myself.

All base and disc combos are Subbuteo originals.

The box and acetate box lid are home-made and the they hold reproduction Subbuteo Rugby inserts.


The French teams from the Subbuteo Delacoste catalogue of 1975

together with the Clubs Internationaux from the Delacoste catalogue of 1977-78.


This collection of Delacoste team kits is selected from two different catalogues and players of colour are shown to pay homage to

Jean-Pierre Adams and Marius Trésor.

Vive ‘Le garde noire' !


A selection of French teams from the Subbuteo Delacoste catalogue of 1976.


Here is a 30 team collection inspired by the Subbuteo Delaoste catalogue of 1976.

It includes the French club teams shown in the catalogue plus the French National Team.



The French teams from La Ligue 1 and La Ligue 2 in the 2014-15 season.


This combination of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 teams from the 2014-15 season are displayed in a solid pine box with lid.

The reproduction Subbuteo rugby inserts are set into a home-made 'vintage parisian' style border.


The Table Football Club

Special Order Service Forms.


The TTFC Special Order Service Forms were introduced several years ago to allow a potential purchaser the enjoyment of completing the form and requesting their own kit design.

Another minor pleasure was using the Postal Service to submit the form and awaiting the completed team by return of post.


Version 1 is pictured on the left.

Version 2 is pictured on the right.





The home gorund of The Table Football Club which is situated in beautiful rural surroundings on Flicksome Moor.

Following a multi-million pound investment by the owner no expense has been spared on comfort and the spectator experience.



Old Homemade Team Chart.


Blunt scissors, flour and water paste. pencil crayons, trying to use an old typewriter and generally making a mess.

Happy days !


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