TTFC Old HW Style Series


The old meets the new in this TTFC series of old heavyweight style teams with a modern base twist. 

The teams take their inspiration from vintage collectable cards or pictures and are painted in a traditional style

that is in keeping with the early heavyweights appearance.


Melchester Rovers.


The colour combinations of Melchester Rovers kits are always attractive.

In 'Odds'n'Ends' we display one of the Melchester Rovers kits from the mid-1960's.

However, we could not resist showcasing here another Rovers kit from the 1950's.





A collectors card from Top Flight Confectionery in their 'Top Flight Stars' collection.

Featured here is Sir Stanley Matthews.

This card was issued in 1960.


Crystal Palace.



A  Player's cigarette card form their 'Footballers 1928-29 series'.

This is card No 73 and it features

H Thoms of Crystal Palace.


Partick Thistle.



A collectors card from W.D.& H.O. Wills from their 'Association Footballers' collection.

Featured here is Alex McSpayden who played outside right for Partick Thistle.

This card was issued in 1939.


Blackburn Rovers.



A Gallaher's cigarette card from their 'Association Football Club Colours' series.

This card is No 44 and it features

Robert Crompton of Blackburn Rovers 1909-10.


Bradford City.



A Cohen, Weenen & Co cigarette card from their 'Football Captains' series.

This card is from Series No 5 and it features

G Robinson of Bradford City 1907-08.





In the Subbuteo reference list of early heavyweights, Ref No: 53 was allocated to this lovely Portsmouth kit.

However, it seems that this kit was never issued by Subbuteo in the early heavyweight figure type or range and later in 1968 the Ref No: 53 was reallocated to Anderlecht.

It's a nice little Subbuteo mystery and our version shown here could give an indication of what the original Ref No: may have looked like.


Bradford (Park Avenue).



Bradford (Park AvenueAssociation Football Club is a football club in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Their name is derived from the former home ground at Park Avenue.

This title was used to avoid confusion with Bradford City, but the club is traditionally known locally simply as Bradford.





A Gallahers cigarette card fom their 'Association Football Club Colours' series.

This card is No 29 and it features

R Lawrie of Glentoran 1909-10.


Further teams will be added to this Series soon.