TTFC LW Style Series


A TTFC series of mixed LW style team kits that utilises LW 'pegged' figures that are set into different types of base sets.



Tranmere Rovers 1981-82.


In the Subbuteo catalogues this Tranmere Rovers team kit is LW Ref No: 353, but it is hard to find evidence that they actually played in this black and white strip. However, a similar kit design in blue and white was worn as the home kit in the 1979-80 season. 

The Subbuteo original LW Ref No: 353 team recently sold on a well known auction site for a three figure price.

Here, our version is crafted using LW reproduction figures set into a superb Littleplasticmen base set that has black gloss sparkle bases

and black brushed metal footplate effect discs.

The 'Super White Army' are on the march !




 Académica de Coimbra or simply Académica, is a professional football club based in Coimbra, Portugal.

This team has the Subbuteo Ref No: 272 and it is quite a rare team to find these days. I think that an all black kit would not be the obvious choice for the purchaser of Subbuteo teams in the toy shops of the past and this is maybe why it is hard to find today.

Here the team kit is shown on reproduction LW figures that are set into a lovely gloss black sparkle base and disc set from Littleplasticmen.

Learn a few things about flicking from 'The Students' !




  Delfino Pescara 1936, commonly referred to as Pescara, is a professional Italian football club based in Pescara, Abruzzo. 

This team was produced in both Lightweight (Ref No: 652) and Classic Heavyweight (Ref No: 254) versions by Subbuteo.  

Both the LW and the HW are rare, collectable and command a high price in sales circles. 

The TTFC version shown here is crafted using Subbuteo 2003 LW figures set into lilac Sureshot bases with Subbuteo discs that have been

resprayed in white. 

Swim with 'The Dolphins' !


Crystal Palace.



The colours red and blue first appeared on a Crystal Palace home kit in the 1937-38 season.

From the 1973 onwards, red and blue have become the highlight colours of choice for all Palace home strips.

The 1937-38 kit is reproduced here using Subbuteo 2003 LW figures that are set into a custom made 'Keep Calm and Flick On' base set from Littlepasticmen.

C'mon 'The Glaziers' !


Wolverhampton Wanderers.


Here is our LW version of the Subbuteo OHW Ref No: 6 kit.

This OHW Ref Number also has Mansfield Town, Newport County, Oxford Utd. Torquay, Southport, Watford allied to it.

Yellow and/or amber versions of this reference may be in existence, but for our LW representation, we have decided to use the traditional old gold version.

The lovely base set is an iBASE Touch II set in black and gold from Littleplasticmen.

Old Gold - a unique colour !


Carlisle United 



Here is Carlisle United on reproduction LW figures and set into Littleplasticmen iBASE Storm bases that have been fully re-profiled and polished by LPM.

The inspiration to paint this team came to me after watching The Likely Lads Christmas Special from 1974. 

When Bob and Terry are in the pub disagreeing about Christmas, Terry says: "I just wait for Boxing Day,

when some semblance of normality is resumed and Newcastle play Carlisle".

Why Aye Man !


Subbuteo - Barmy FC


Here is our interpretation of Barmy FC, a team that Subbuteo originally produced in conjunction with Tango soft drinks

as a promotional item or competition reward.

Single players were issued as well as a full Subbuteo boxed team on Hasbro bases.

Our version uses reproduction LW figures set into a lovely custom made base set from Littlepasticmen which has orange and black sparkle tops.

You know when you've been Tango'd !!!


United States - World Cup 1950.


Here is our LW interpretation of the kit that was worn by the United States in their famous

World Cup 1950, Group 2 match when they beat England 1-0.

The fantastic base set is custom made by Littleplasticmen and it features a 'floating disc' with a United States flag displayed beneath.

God bless America !


Arnold Town FC.


Arnold Town FC are a football club based in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, England.

They are currently members of the Central Midlands League and they play in the Black Dragon South Division.

Arnold Towm FC play their home games at Eagle Valley.

Here the figures are reproduction LW's and the 'Keep Calm And Flick On' custom base set is from Littleplasticmen.

Go Arna !!


Australia - Socceroos.

Away kit 2012-13.


Here is our interpretation of the Australia 'Socceroos' away kit form 2012-13.

This lovely dark blue and gold kit design was produced by Nike.

The figures are reproduction LW's and the bases are a gold set of G2 Raptors from Stefan Corda.

G'day !!


The Table Football Cub.



Here is The Table Football Club's home kit for the 2023-24 season.

TTFC are proud to play in their traditional orange, red and white colours and this is from where they derive their nickname.

Nickname - Les Oranges Sanguines (The Blood Oranges).


Dynamo Dresden (1970's).


Sportgemeinschaft Dynamo Dresden commonly known as Dynamo Dresden is a German association football club based in DresdenSaxony.

They were founded on the 12 April 1953 as a club affiliated with the East German police and became one of the most popular and successful clubs in 

East German football, winning eight league titles.

The figures are reproduction LW's that are set into an all orange set of Sureshot bases.

The 'Dynamo' are powered up.


Crystal Palace.

(Subbuteo Alternative Kit).


This is a Crystal Palace kit that they actually never played in.

It appears to be of those Subbuteo alternatives (Ref No: 40) that cropped up every so often.

Subbuteo issued this kit design in both Original Heavyweight (OHW) and Classic Heavyweight (HW).

The TTFC  version shown below is a LW interpretation to complete the set.

The figures are original Subbuteo 2003 LW's that are set into original Subbuteo bases and discs.

'The Glaziers' are shining brightly.


Austria Vienna.


Fußballklub Austria Wien AG also known as Austria Vienna is an Austrian professional football club from the capital city of Vienna.

They have won the most trophies of any Austrian club from the top flight, with 24 Austrian Bundesliga titles and 27 cup wins.

The figures are original Subbuteo 2003's and they are set into Sureshot bases with original Subbuteo discs that have been resprayed in violet.

The 'Violets' are playing very sweetly.


FC Rouen


Football Club de Rouen 1899, also called FC Grand Rouen for a while in the 1990s and now simply known as FC Rouen is a French Association Football Club club based in Rouen, Normandy.

The club was formed in 1899 and plays its home matches at the Stade Robert Diochon.

Rouen has the nickname Les Diables Rouges (The Red Devils) and they have had this nickname since 1903.

The unusual kit shown below was worn for the 1980 season only.

The figures are reproduction LW's that are set into Subbuteo Hasbro one-piece bases.

'The Red Devils' are devilishly good.


(Many thanks to for their kind permission to use some of the information stated above).


Racing Paris.


Racing Club de Paris are shown here in their home kit from the 1965-66 season.

In the Subbuteo catalogues there are a couple of references to Racing Club de Paris but the LW Ref No: 666 and the La Leggenda Vintage Edition

Ref No: 120 both show a blue and white hooped kit.

The TTFC version of the 1965-66 home kit shown below would have made a lovely Subbuteo reference in classic HW or LW, but this was not to be.

The figures are reproduction LW's and the bases are Stefan Corda G2 Raptors.

Les Ciels et Blancs (The sky-blues and whites) are flying sky-high !


Paris FC.

Subbuteo Ref No: 188


Paris Football Club commonly referred to as Paris FC is a professional football club based in Paris that competes in Ligue 2.

Founded in 1969, the club merged with Stade Saint-Germain to form Paris Saint-Germain in 1970.

In 1972, the club split from Paris Saint-Germain resulting in the current Paris FC.

Here the figures are reproduction LW's and the lovely base set is Stefan Corda G2 Raptor's in white and burnt orange.

The Parisiens are a tower of strength !


Crystal Palace.

Centenary Kit 2005.


Although it could be claimed that Crystal Palace football club was founded as early as 1857, it is generally accepted that the current version of the football club was formed in 1905. 

To celebrate the clubs centenary year in 2005, a variation of a favourite kit from the early 1970's was issued.

People in glass houses !


Further teams will be added to this Series soon.